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Our Address

5409 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, Texas

Our Services:

Saturdays @ 6:30pm

Our Number:

(210) 714-2205


Freddy Villarreal aka "Rev"

Freddy Villarreal aka "Rev"

Senior Pastor Freedom Life Church

My wife Jen and I live in Yorktown, VA with our five children; Kyle, Parker, Eli, Kaelin, and Ty. As you can imagine life is always pretty crazy at our house! In October of 2004, I had the privilege of joining along side 26 other people to start Freedom Life and have been here ever since. My energy is primarily spent focusing on the Vision of our church and coordinating our Preaching Team. In addition to serving at FLC I also have the privilege of serving as a Teaching Pastor at my mentor pastor’s church, The Chapel, in Nothern Chicago. Locally, I cooridnate our churches Kingdom Partnerships with organizations like the Virginia Unity Project, and the Peninsula Baptist Association. When I am not at church or the office, I am probably hanging with my family, at the gym, watching TV, or playing some kind of sport. I love playing/watching/talking about football. Go Houston Texans!!!! Random Facts: I have never broken a bone in my body, I currently have four tattoos (but can’t wait to get more), nothing annoys me more than the sound of people chewing food, and I am afraid of birds.

Courtney Beard

Courtney Beard

Lead Pastor

My wife Quinetta joins me in the reality show of our life. Though there are no cameras rolling, our life is a constant laugh track.
Together we’ve been in ministry for over 15 years. We started in the wilds of youth ministry as Student Pastors. For several of those years I doubled as Worship Arts Pastor as well. In 2011 I joined the Freedom Life Church staff (which is probably better defined as a comedic Improv Group). As you can see I love to joke. I bring this good natured approach to my whole life. I still have a passion for equipping this generation, but I simply love introducing people to God’s love via the arts. Currently my wife and I proudly lead our San Antonio campus. Though I’m a lifelong Laker fan, I’ll be the first to admit the Spurs are wearing me down.
I am a former student of Berklee College of Music and my wife is a proud graduate of Liberty University. When not on the church campus you can easily find me doing live theater or working various projects in the studio. And if you look close enough you will see me bustin a move that you will soon wish to forget. We are 100% committed to the arts and the conservation of it.
Random Facts: I love WRESTLING or “Rasslin” for you diehards…..not just WWE, but any wrestling promotion. I know, sounds a little weird but it’s our life and we LOVE it. Along with Chris, I love Chinese food and I agree with Freddy…CHEW SILENTLY.

Lynn Walker

Lynn Walker

Apprentice Ministry Coordinator

My husband, Adam, and I were recently married on July 5, 2013. He is currently serving in the Marines so we are enjoying sending snail mail and creative care packages back and forth whilewaiting for the day we get to be in the same state permanently! Right now we have no kids of our own and are living a pretty quiet life.
I started attending Freedom Life approximately two years ago when a friend invited me. I immediately fell in love with the place and felt like I belonged! Freedom Life truly changed the way I see God. The passion Freedom Life ignited in me to seek to know more of God continues to grow and grow.
I have lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Japan, Virginia, and now Texas! After graduating from Christopher Newport University with a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in Psychology, I felt God calling me to move to Texas and help start up another campus of the church. It has been one of my greatest adventures so far and I have loved every minute of it. I have even learned to love Mexican food. 😉
I am excited to see what God has in store for me and the church!
Random facts: I can’t say “no” to macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, grilled hot dogs, or Japanese curry (and rice!!). My appetite is way bigger than I look. The only real goal I ever had for my life was to impact at least one other person in a positive manner. I have never seen the Wizard of Oz… and I really do not care to. I love to dance… anytime and anywhere!

LaVatta Hines

LaVatta Hines

Worship Leader

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia I was introduced to music at birth. At an early age my mother caught me singing in my room and after that she had me singing in church just about every Sunday. When I wasn’t singing I was always front row watching her sing and lead worship. That started my education in music and ministry early. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that worship was what I was called to do. Those childhood moments on stage were just building blocks for a greater calling.
I’ve had the joy of serving in FLCWorship for the last 5 years. I’ve had a life filled with awesome opportunities. I believe commitment to the Lord and excellence has allowed my journey to take me places I could only dream of. As well as being a vocal director for several stage plays, I’ve had the opportunity to tour with Ricardo Sanchez and share the stage with Israel Houghton and New breed. One of my most cherished memories is meeting and opening for the iconic Dr. Maya Angelou.
No matter what stage I’m on I find myself still just as excited as the little girl singing in her room. May I never lose that feeling.
Random Facts: I love food. Chick fil a is my best-friend. Goobers is my close friend!